After a wonderful peaceful night’s sleep we had a leisurely breakfast before heading ashore in the dinghy.  The little Suzuki outboard is running a bit rough, I think it needs some adjustment on the carburettor, a side effect of its recent drowning no doubt.  

Once ashore we wandered around, bought some ice for the ice box and additional petrol for the outboard.  We gave the ice crème a miss as it was just too chilly.

After a late lunch we retrieved the anchor and by 14:30 we were headed out of Tutakaka and up the coast.  The wind was slight, not enough to sail anywhere in a hurry.  We motor-sailed in beautiful calm conditions up the coast, fairly close in to see the shore.

I steered into Bland Bay to have a look for an anchorage.  The bay has a long sweeping beach and anchorage can be found at the south end.  We didn’t like the look of it so headed out and set course for Whangamumu, only another eight miles away.  At 19:30 we were anchored in perfect calm in Whangamumu Harbour, what a beautiful place.

Flat calm Whangamumu Harbour. Photo Ray Penson
Flat calm Whangamumu Harbour. Photo Ray Penson

Dinner this evening is courtesy of my Christmas present – a pressure cooker!  How did I ever survive before without a pressure cooker?  Now I am certainly no cook, but rice, pasta and boiled veg are cooked to perfection in my new device.  It’s easy to use, cheap on gas and easy to clean.  I am told that it’s possible to can fish as well.  I would like to try that one day if I ever succeed in catching a tuna or similar.

Tonight looks to be another epic sleeping night.  Perhaps we will linger here another day.

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