Wednesday night and I have 3 new injectors in hand ready to be fitted.  I was going to fit them in the morning but the excitement got the better of me and I set about fitting them at night, helped by a headtorch.  Carefully and methodically I inserted the fibre washers, copper washers and then … Continue reading ENGINE FIXED


Thursday 1st April.  I took the dinghy ashore and visited Marine and General.  I explained the engine problem with the engineers, after answering all their questions they concluded the most probable cause is a blocked or worn injector.  Anyway, that is the first place to look as there is nothing else obvious that hasn’t already … Continue reading NELSON AND ENGINE REPAIRS


27th March and my Birthday.  Not the best of weather today, a bit damp outside, perfect for fitting the new toilet.  In short time the old toilet was removed and placed in the cockpit, I will decide what to do with it later.  I assembled the new toilet, an easy job, I didn’t think the … Continue reading ABEL TASMAN TO NELSON


Wednesday morning was a stunner, flat calm and warm sunshine.  Truce and I absorbed the heat, the damp wet of Fiordland and the West Coast quickly evaporated away.  The morning was spent pottering around, doing odd jobs and tidying the boat up after our trip up the West Coast.  There are always maintenance jobs pending … Continue reading ABEL TASMAN NATIONAL PARK


After a wonderful restful sleep overnight I awoke to a nice calm day alongside in Westport.  It took a couple of minutes to get my bearings and figure out where I was.  I had breakfast and coffee and then went ashore to organise some diesel fuel. The fuel dock was occupied by fishing boats discharging … Continue reading WESTPORT TO TARAKOHE


Last night I had dinner on Windora, I thoroughly enjoyed it, roast chicken with real vegetables, good food and good company.  After dinner we had more rum and I once again chugged back to Truce late at night in the dinghy. I awoke on Friday morning to a beautiful day, clear skies and calm weather.  … Continue reading MILFORD SOUND TO WESTPORT


Tuesday the 16th and the front has passed through, light drizzle in the morning, clearing up by lunchtime and Truce is gradually drying out.  The rain has been spectacular but now it’s gone and the waterfalls are diminishing. By mid-morning I had a full crew of helpers onboard from the other boats in Deepwater Basin … Continue reading ENJOYING MILFORD SOUND


Very early on Friday morning I weighed anchor and sailed out of Anchorage Cove, the outgoing tide and stream from the George River helping us on our way.  A slight S’ly breeze barely filled the sails and we slowly sailed out of George Sound to the sea.  The sky was clear, the stars shining bright, … Continue reading ARRIVAL MILFORD SOUND


After the brief appearance of the sun yesterday I was hopeful for the same today.  However, its back to the same old.  After a good nights sleep I awoke to an overcast sky and low cloud, cold with rain and drizzle.  The day didn’t improve, it blew hard and rained hard from midday and a … Continue reading GEORGE SOUND


Sunday 7th March and the forecast is good for sailing up the coast, a good S,Wly breeze of thirty knots and easing to fifteen later.  At six in the evening I let go the mooring and departed the anchorage in Precipice Cove.  This is an excellent anchorage with a good strong permanent line rigged to … Continue reading ENGINE FAILURE – SAILING TO GEORGE SOUND