After a quiet night at Whangamumu Harbour and a leisurely breakfast we weighed anchor and headed out into a decent swell and confused sea.  Once clear of the harbour things sorted themselves out and we sailed on a brisk S’Wly breeze up to and around Cape Brett.  From there it was plain sailing all the way down into the Bay of Islands, the sun came out, it started to feel like summer had arrived.


Another wonderful sleeping night.  Awoke this morning refreshed and looked out to a peaceful calm anchorage.  Lots of boats in the anchorage, many of them preparing for a day’s fishing.  We took breakfast in the cockpit, coffee with English muffins and my homemade grapefruit marmalade. The weather is warm now, looks like the New Zealand... Continue Reading →


After a wonderful peaceful night’s sleep we had a leisurely breakfast before heading ashore in the dinghy.  The little Suzuki outboard is running a bit rough, I think it needs some adjustment on the carburettor, a side effect of its recent drowning no doubt.   Once ashore we wandered around, bought some ice for the ice... Continue Reading →

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