Another wonderful sleeping night.  Awoke this morning refreshed and looked out to a peaceful calm anchorage.  Lots of boats in the anchorage, many of them preparing for a day’s fishing. 

We took breakfast in the cockpit, coffee with English muffins and my homemade grapefruit marmalade. The weather is warm now, looks like the New Zealand summer has arrived.  During breakfast the local pod of dolphins arrived to say hello.  They frolicked beside the boat for a couple of minutes before heading over to the next boat to say hello.  Later we saw a bunch of children swimming with them – funny things dolphins.

Te Toroa Bay Beach. Photo Ray Penson
Te Toroa Bay Beach. Photo Ray Penson

Mid-morning we headed ashore to the old whaling station.  Ngozi had packed water and provisions for a tramp and we set off on the trail towards Cape Brett.  What a trail, not a flat bit to be found, up and down.  After thirty minutes I was knackered, not used to walking!  We saw Te Toroa Bay, it looked idyllic, we tried to get there but it was a beach too far.  We turned back and made the exhausting return trip with a few smoko breaks along the way.

Once back at the old whaling station we flopped exhausted on the grass before dunking out feet in the sea.  It was warm.  Rowing back to Truce seemed to be much further than when we had come ashore.

Ah, but back on board the reviving qualities of cold beer soon brought us back to life. 

Whangamumu Harbour through the bush . Photo, Ray Penson


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  1. Wow! Thank you for this amazing adventure as a treasure. I have never seen this beautiful track before. Happy New Year, Ray, and be safe with blessings.


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