The end of January. From the logbook it appears that we have only had three days without rain this year – most unusual. Also, it appears that we have only had three days good sailing this year. Summer is a dud.


Saturday morning and the weather looked good, not much wind at our anchorage in Kairara Bay but hopefully more outside.  Keen to get going I started the engine and weighed anchor.  By sunrise we were heading out of Port Fitzroy and feeling the first heave of the easterly swell.


Tuesday morning in Tutakaka Marina opened overcast and calm, although everywhere is still wet from the storm.  Today I will head south again and see how far I can get and what the weather will throw at us.  The forecast is calling for westerly winds that gradually decrease towards the evening. After letting go from... Continue Reading →


After a beautiful calm and peaceful night in Whangamumu Harbour I awoke early and had a relaxed breakfast at anchor.  The day was fine and clear with no wind.  As today’s forecast called for variable 10 knot winds it seemed that sailing would be difficult. I picked up the anchor after breakfast, the water so... Continue Reading →


After a wonderful peaceful night’s sleep we had a leisurely breakfast before heading ashore in the dinghy.  The little Suzuki outboard is running a bit rough, I think it needs some adjustment on the carburettor, a side effect of its recent drowning no doubt.   Once ashore we wandered around, bought some ice for the ice... Continue Reading →


Yesterday afternoon one of the wind gusts flipped the dinghy upside down and dunked the outboard.  Salt water everywhere, in the oil, in the fuel and of course in the engine.  Many hours of work later (and some colourful language of encouragement) the outboard sprang to life, seemingly none the worse for it. At last... Continue Reading →


I had a nice peaceful night at Tutakaka anchorage.  A low swell coming over the reef making Truce roll gently.  I had an early start, departing before sunrise, relying on the leading lights to guide me out of the harbour entrance past the outlaying reef.  My early start was driven by the forecast of south... Continue Reading →

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