Yesterday afternoon one of the wind gusts flipped the dinghy upside down and dunked the outboard.  Salt water everywhere, in the oil, in the fuel and of course in the engine.  Many hours of work later (and some colourful language of encouragement) the outboard sprang to life, seemingly none the worse for it.

At last we have broken free of the windy weather of Whangarei Harbour and the anchorage at the Nook.  We sailed from Whangarei in blustery conditions and made good time up the coast to Tutakaka.  The wind had subsided by the time we made Tutakaka and we found a good anchorage in the outer harbour.  Once settled we went ashore to stretch our legs.  It didn’t take too much encouragement to duck into the Tutakaka Angling club for a fish supper and a couple of beers.

Feeling refreshed, lubricated and with full stomachs, we headed back to Truce.  Both of us looking forward to a peaceful night’s sleep which we have been denied the last few days due to windy conditions.

Tomorrow we will head a bit further up the coast, maybe Bland Bay or Whangamumu.

Truce anchored in Tutakaka Harbour. Photo, Ray Penson
Truce anchored in Tutakaka Harbour. Photo, Ray Penson

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