Alaska turned on the heater today, a beautiful warm, sunny and clear day.  After a peaceful night is Steadman Cove we started late and motored up to Kake with the tide on flat calm water.  After seeing no other boats yesterday suddenly they were everywhere.  At one stage I had ten showing on the AIS.

I found the fuel dock, it’s not marked and easy to miss.  Its connected to the local store and gas station.  I took the opportunity to top up on diesel and also wanted to fill up a propane cylinder.

I found the propane station in an adjacent yard but the guy didn’t want to fill the bottle as it does not have a OPD (overfill prevention Device).  This is a problem as in the USA gas bottles must have a OPD.  I need the gas bottles for cooking so must find a fix to the problem.    It will be a larger town where hopefully I can get new valves fitted to the existing bottles or new bottles.  In the meantime, I will go easy on my remaining half full gas bottle (or is it half empty?).

On leaving Kake there was a bit of wind so I ghosted back the way I had come in the morning and found a nice anchorage in Hamilton Harbour.  Tomorrow I could go east, west or north, I don’t really mind.  East will take me to Petersburg and gas service, shops and chandler, North will take me to Admiralty Island and West will lead to Baranof Island.  If there is a breeze in the morning I will take it whichever direction.  Total voyage distance 1,079.7 miles.

Logged 15th June 2016

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