Early morning the wind started to blow and the anchor snubber began to grumble.  I turned out of bed in the cold and dark to hear the early morning forecast.  As expected, the N’ly gale had started.  Its forecast to go from twenty-five knots to gusting forty knots in the afternoon.  Although its only fifteen … Continue reading OYSTER BAY – WAITING ON WEATHER


This evening, at midnight, New Zealand goes to Alert level 4 and into a four-week lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.  The instructions are ‘where you sleep tonight you should stay’.  That leaves me locked down on Truce for the next month. The guy I met ashore yesterday, his name is Graham, offered to … Continue reading OYSTER BAY – REPLENISHING


Last night I moved to Pine Tree Bay, just on the North end of French bay.  The wind was blowing from the NE this anchorage proved to be just perfect.  This morning I was woken by natures alarm clock again, the little birds had returned in droves, or maybe it’s a flock.  Judging by the … Continue reading AKAROA – SAILING AROUND


As I departed the anchorage this morning it was just getting light and still a bit chilly.  The early start was to catch the ebb through Hiekish Narrows – which we did but it wasn’t very exciting.  The day brightened up as we travelled down Finlayson Channel, nice crisp air and bright sunshine and great … Continue reading A WONDERFUL SPARKLING DAY


I had an easy day today and went exploring.  It was pretty quiet, its Sunday after all.  There are a lot of churches here, ten in total I think. This morning I had planned to stock up on some provisions and fresh food.  However, the grocery stores are shut on Sunday in Wrangell.  Never mind … Continue reading PETROGLYPH HUNTING


Today Ngozi and I had some quality time together in Hoonah.  Once the usual chores of laundry, provisioning and maintenance were out of the way we went for a walk around Hoonah.  Its not a big place so its not a difficult mission but the locals are friendly and always have time for a chat … Continue reading NORTHBOUND VOYAGE ENDS


We arrived back in Hoonah this afternoon after an easy crossing of Icy Strait in calm conditions. Calm conditions meant we had to motor again which is not restful but preferable to wind on the nose, so we will take it. In Icy strait there is a lot more ebb than flood so correct timing … Continue reading BARTLETT COVE TO HOONAH


Today started foggy and calm. The idea of crossing Icy Strait didn’t inspire us and we felt lazy.  It seemed a great option to stay in Bartlett Cove. Shore leave and a bit of exploring around the area was the best option. It has been an effort to get to Glacier Bay, another day here to … Continue reading SHORE LEAVE IN BARTLETT COVE


Today we motored down from South Sandy Cove to Bartlett Cove. Flat calm all the way except for the last hour. On the way we stopped at South Marble Island to watch, see and smell the sea lion colony there. Some large noisy sea lions about and the smell is not pleasant. Further on we … Continue reading BARTLETT COVE LUXURY


Last night was special. We anchored in Reid Inlet under Reid Glacier, a extraordinary place with the Glacier towering above us. Thankfully the night was calm. Today we have motored in calm conditions down to South Sandy Cove. First we tried to anchor in the east arm of the cove but were swamped by large … Continue reading ANCHORED UNDER REID GLACIER.