I had an easy day today and went exploring.  It was pretty quiet, its Sunday after all.  There are a lot of churches here, ten in total I think.
This morning I had planned to stock up on some provisions and fresh food.  However, the grocery stores are shut on Sunday in Wrangell.  Never mind I will do it tomorrow.

Petroglyph Beach Wrangell
Petroglyph Beach Wrangell
In the afternoon I walked to a place called Petroglyph Beach.  Where I found Petroglyphs on the beach, surprise!  At first I couldn’t see any but after seeing the first one others became apparent.  Some, or perhaps most of the better ones have been removed by treasure hunters.

Most of the petroglyphs on the beach are quite eroded by the tidal action of the sea.  It seems no one really knows who carved the shapes in the stones or why they did it.  Some are thought to date back as far as 10,000 years ago.  It must have been quite an effort to carve shapes into stone without proper tools.  The question is why are Petroglyph’s found all around the world with similar designs and patterns.

Tonight I will retire to Rayme’s bar.  There is a big game on at Wriggley field, Cubs vs Mariners.  One of the locals was impressed that I knew about Wriggley field.  I didn’t tell him the knowledge was gained from watching the film Blues Brothers.

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