Today we motored down from South Sandy Cove to Bartlett Cove. Flat calm all the way except for the last hour. On the way we stopped at South Marble Island to watch, see and smell the sea lion colony there. Some large noisy sea lions about and the smell is not pleasant. Further on we encountered many whales feeding inshore, I saw one breach in the far distance.

img_6433In the afternoon we anchored in Bartlett Cove and went ashore for an explore and have a shower. The shower was expensive but unlimited so we made the most of it. They have a complete skeleton of a large humpback whale on the shore, very impressive and gives a scale to the animals we have been encountering. We also ran into the Tlingit carvers we had met in Hoonah, they are setting up the tribal house in Glacier Bay.

Later in the evening we had dinner at the Glacier Bay lodge, Halibut for her and rib eye for me. Nice dining on the deck overlooking the bay with the boats moored and anchored out. So happily fed, watered and cleaned we retired to the boat for a nightcap.

A great day. Tomorrow we will have a look at crossing Icy Strait to Hoonah if the weather is favourable. Total voyage distance 1,602.6 miles.

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