A peaceful night’s sleep at Blue Mouse Cove anchorage has recharged the internal batteries ready for a full day motoring up to Tarr Inlet and the Margerie and Grand Pacific Glacier. We arrived at the Margerie Glacier at midday in brilliant sunshine and clear sky after dodging around floating ice on the way up.

Star Princess in Glacier Bay. Photo Ray Penson
Star Princess in Glacier Bay. Photo Ray Penson

The Grand Pacific Glacier does not reach the sea anymore and terminates in a huge pile of rocks and rubble The Glacier can be seen beyond the rubble from a distance and is discoloured and brownish in colour.

The Margerie Glacier terminates at the end of Tarr Inlet into the sea. What an impressive sight. We motored up quite close to the edge of the ice belt and switched off the engine to have a floating lunch in the cockpit. The Glacier is constantly crumbling into the sea and calving big lumps of ice.

Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska. Photo Ray Penson
Margerie Glacier, Glacier Bay, Alaska. Photo Ray Penson

The Glacier makes plenty of noise, groans, cracks and thumps as ice fractures and breaks free. We were fortunate to see three large ice falls. One particularly large fall sent an impressive tidal wave towards us and caused some cursing from the galley. We had the whole place to ourselves until the cruise ship Star Princess arrived, but they kept some distance off the Glacier.

The trip up to the Glaciers from Blue Moose Cove was made in flat calm. The scenery was magnificent with clear skies and endless visibility. We passed Russel Island on the inside where we were told we could sight bears, moose and wolves. We saw nothing despite having the glasses trained on the shore and eyes out like organ stops.

This evening we have taken anchorage in Reid Inlet just below the Reid Glacier. It’s quite a special place and the Glacier looks immense towering above us at the end of the inlet. This is definitely a fair weather only anchorage so fingers crossed for tonight. Total voyage distance 1,511.1 miles.

Logged 10th July 2016

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