As I departed the anchorage this morning it was just getting light and still a bit chilly.  The early start was to catch the ebb through Hiekish Narrows – which we did but it wasn’t very exciting.  The day brightened up as we travelled down Finlayson Channel, nice crisp air and bright sunshine and great scenery.  Humpbacks were feeding again, I saw two groups, so many around now.

We branched off Finlayson Channel and ducked into Jackson Passage to take us across to Mathieson Channel.  Jackson Passage has tight narrows at the end, we went through just after low water and had two meters underneath, it would be very tight on a minus tide.  Once through Jackson Mathieson opened up and it was a nice motor down to Perceval Narrows where the tide rips twisted Truce around, but this time no knocking noised from the propeller strut, the splint is working.

After heading across to Reid Passage I have anchored in Oliver Cove, a small pool off the side of Reid Passage.  The sun continued to shine until sunset and I sat in the cockpit fishing and enjoying the last of the Alaska Icy Bay IPA from Juneau.  I caught a couple of flatfish, don’t know what they are so back they went, just fishing for fun.

Tomorrow I will refuel in Bella Bella and see if I can get some fresh food.  I stopped at Bella Bella on the way north, it’s a convenient stop and the library has WiFi.  Total voyage distance 575.5 miles.

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