Oliver Cove was perfectly peaceful last night.  The heavens put on a show, shooting starts and galaxy’s galore.  Makes the planet earth seem very insignificant – is there life out there?

The Entrance to Spitfire Channel.Ray Penson
The Entrance to Spitfire Channel.Ray Penson

After lifting the anchor this morning, I moved south through Reid Passage before heading east up Seaforth Passage to Bella Bella for a fuel and provision stop.  Bella Bella is convenient as the store is close to the fuel dock.  The store has a good selection of groceries, the liquor store is on the first floor.  There was some stress at the fuel dock, a guy on a motorboat cut in front of me to take the only vacant space – the first discourteous act I have seen this trip.  Then another guy in a motorboat started shouting at a fisherman for blocking the dock.  There are many more boats around now and it seems these are the city people on vacation, still carrying their city stress.  They should relax, there is no hurry in life.

Columbia heading up Seaforth Channel.Ray Penson
Columbia heading up Seaforth Channel.Ray Penson

I topped up with diesel, groceries, beer and water.  I tried to use the Wi-Fi at the library but the lady switched it off and went for lunch, informing me it costs $2.50 an hour.  Last time I was here it was free, just like everywhere else in Canada and Alaska.  Well, it is the height of holiday season.

Passing Reid Passage heading South.Ray Penson
Passing Reid Passage heading South.Ray Penson

After departing Bella Bella I headed down a route less travelled.  First down lama passage then Sans Peur passage, Cultus sound, Spider channel, Spitfire channel and across kildidt sound to Bremner Bay on Hunter Island.  Spitfire channel was even narrower than I had imagined, the rocks clearly visable each side, the overhanging trees almost touching the rig.  Exciting stuff.

This evening I had trouble finding an anchorage, the water here is deep and rocky.  I managed to get a spot on a ledge in twenty meters.  I laid out all the chain in the locker and hope for a quiet night.  Total voyage distance 618.3 miles.

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