I have just had a great day in Coffman Cove.  What a great place and nice people.  Everyone has time for a chat and the locals are very relaxed.  For the first time I feel as if I am in Alaska.

Downtown Coffman Cove. Photo Ray Penson
Downtown Coffman Cove. Photo Ray Penson

The day opened dry and no rain today, its been cloudy all day but nice and dry.  I took the opportunity to remove the two leaking skylights and re-bed them with new mastic.  All went well until I started rushing the second one when it looked like rain.  I mistakenly put the Perspex back upside down and had to turn it over with mastic sticking to the top.  It was messy but cleaned up OK.

I also installed the new lower lifelines, they look quite smart and my splices of the braid line turned out well.  The fresh water has been topped up and garbage sent ashore so we are ready to travel further.

We are experiencing very big tides at the moment, 6 meters today.  It makes navigation interesting and the currents flow even stronger.  The big tides are also bringing thousands of logs into the water as they get picked up from the previous high tide line along the shore.

When I came out of Lyman Anchorage the channel was blocked by logs, I managed to go around most of them but one big one was blocking the narrow part of the channel.  I could not get around it without the possibility of grounding, so I gently pushed it out of the way with the bow to get through.  Another first.

Tomorrow I will get travelling again, not sure of my destination, just working my way around Prince of Wales Island.

Logged 5th June 2016.

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