I left the dock before six this morning, didn’t want the Harbour Master charging me for an extra night.  I had intended moving from the dock to the anchorage last night, but I had consumed a couple of beers so thought remaining tied up was the best option. I really enjoyed my stay in Coffman … Continue reading COFFMAN COVE AND MORE


I have just had a great day in Coffman Cove.  What a great place and nice people.  Everyone has time for a chat and the locals are very relaxed.  For the first time I feel as if I am in Alaska. The day opened dry and no rain today, its been cloudy all day but … Continue reading FRIENDLY COFFMAN COVE


Weather turned out well today, a bit of rain and drizzle in the morning but then it cleared up and I could feel the suns warmth through the clouds.  The sun didn’t get to be serious or cast any shadows but it was there in the background, behind the clouds.  The forecast wind didn’t arrive … Continue reading A PLEASANT SURPRISE!