I left the dock before six this morning, didn’t want the Harbour Master charging me for an extra night.  I had intended moving from the dock to the anchorage last night, but I had consumed a couple of beers so thought remaining tied up was the best option.

Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island Photo Ray Penson
Port Protection, Prince of Wales Island Photo Ray Penson

I really enjoyed my stay in Coffman Cove.  A great little place, special thanks to Larry for his hospitality and generous gift of fresh shrimps, and also to Stephanie behind the bar.

We sailed for a couple of hours before the wind died and the tide turned against us.  I found a bay and threw the anchor over the side and waited for the next tide change.  The tides are quite tricky here and it pays to catch a good run.  Around one in the afternoon we set off again with flat calm glassy seas, so flat the clouds and mountains were reflected.  The sun even made a couple of shows through the cloud.

We motored up the Kashevarof passage and into Sumner Strait, a very scenic run.  There was the usual wildlife and quite a few whales around the tide lines.  This evening I have anchored in Red Bay at the top of Prince of Wales Island.  We had to push through a four knot stream to get into the bay, once inside it opened out to an Alaska picture postcard scene.

Fresh Alaska Shrimp the best. Phoro Ray Penson
Fresh Alaska Shrimp the best. Phoro Ray Penson

I found a nice cove to anchor in and then fished the shrimps out of the cool box.  I was so hungry the first half dozen got quickly cooked and washed down with a beer.  Wonderful, the best shrimp I have ever tasted.  I then got to work making Thai Curry shrimp.  I was a bit limited on ingredients but with an onion, green curry paste, chilli flakes, coconut milk and some imagination I came up with a feast, Sharwoods Mango Chutney for condiments.  I put some jam into the leftover rice for desert.

I ate in the cockpit at seven in warm sunshine.  The deer are coming out of the forest fringe into the meadow, all very peaceful.  No bears yet.  Although I did see some bear marks on the trash cans in Coffman Cove.  Total voyage distance 848.1 miles.

Logged 6th June 2016

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