By three this morning the wind had increased to gusts of 40 knots, I let out more chain and had the engine running as we were close to the shore, its only a small pool we are anchored in.  Thankfully all held firm.  The rain and wind have continued all day and only at six this evening did the wind ease off and the torrential rain turn to drizzle.

A stormy night, Rain Rain and more Rain. Ray Penson.
A stormy night, Rain Rain and more Rain. Ray Penson.

Needless to say, with a gale blowing outside and fifty knot gusts just down the coast  I didn’t move from the anchorage.  So, not much rest last night and a restless day.  I made myself busy with chores and maintenance.  I am splicing some new lifelines and other fun stuff.

The rain we have had in the last week has been tremendous and of biblical proportions.  The barometer is rising now and it appears the southerly storm is abating.  It must be a massive system out in the Pacific to produce so much wind and rain.

Today we had a very low tide, a minus tide and bits of the foreshore were exposed that are normally submerged at low water.  I was watching the Otter running around checking the low water mark, he looked very excited and was skipping all over the place in the pouring rain.  These animals work really hard for their survival.

The Otter was a bit of an inspiration and I got out on deck to do some chores, never mind a bit of rain.  Later I took the pig for a run after bailing out half a boat load of rainwater.

So nothing much happened today.  Looking forward to moving on when the weather improves.

Logged 3rd June 2016

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