Of course it rained all day today on and off, just drizzle and like being in a low cloud.  I am in a nice anchorage and quite protected from the high winds blowing outside so made the most of the day. I got suited up in oilskins and carried on.

Exploring in the rain. Photo Ray Penson
Exploring in the rain. Photo Ray Penson

Today was declared a rest day and I set about getting the Suzuki outboard motor going.  After some time and effort, I got it going but not for long, kept cutting out and stalling.  I changed out the plug, put some fresh fuel and two stroke in, cleaned out the fuel line and filter and generally did as much cleaning and oiling and WD 40 spraying as I could.  After that TLC we were in business, the motor is running and the pig is motorised.

In celebration I took the pig on a powered exploration of Lyman Anchorage.  It’s a beautiful place, even in the rain, I can imagine it would be spectacular in the dry with sunshine.  At the head of the cove there is a stream entering through a meadow.  I looked around for signs of bear but didn’t find any.  They are probably sitting in their caves waiting for the rain to stop.

Meadow at head of Lyman Anchorage. Photo Ray Penson.
Meadow at head of Lyman Anchorage. Photo Ray Penson.

There are two other meadow areas around the cove where the geese have been busy and making a lot of noise.  When I approached they got even noisier before taking off.  I have been watching a Kingfisher bird fishing on the bank next to the boat, his success record is 100%.  There was an otter in the anchorage this morning and he has been replaced by a seal this afternoon.  There are some animals running around the edge of the forest but don’t know what they are, a bit like squirrels but bigger.  There is a lot of wildlife around here.

This afternoon I made another batch of scroggin.  I couldn’t get all the dried fruit I wanted in Ketchikan so have improvised.  This time I didn’t bother with rum essence, I used the real thing.  The warm baking smell filling the cabin is wonderful and a contrast to the wet and cold outside.

It looks like the weather is wild outside the anchorage tonight, the forecast is for strong winds locally and gales a bit further south.  The occasional express train gust blasts down the hills around the anchorage and hits us, heeling us over and spinning the boat around on the anchor.

I am not sure where we will end up tomorrow, Thorne Bay and Meyers Chuck are on the shortlist.   I think the wind in the morning will decide for us.  The fire will be on again tonight and all will be well on board.

Logged 2nd June 2016.

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