A really grey and overcast morning and raining but nice and calm.  We caught the tide through Jackson Narrows this morning and proceeded up Jacksons passage – sounds weird.  The highlight of today was a call at the village of Klemtu.

Klemtu is a village on the inside passage route.  There was not much going on, a couple of guys sitting around in the café and not many people out and about.  Very quiet, not really surprising for a wet Sunday.  I got some WiFi at the café and paid for it by ordering a Chinese takeaway, I should have known better and it became fish food.

Klemtu Welcome - seen better times. Photo Ray Penson
Klemtu Welcome – seen better times. Photo Ray Penson

I took the opportunity to top up with fresh water from a hose on the dock.  There was a salmon fish farm boat at the dock as well.  I had an interesting chat with the skipper who showed me how they syphon up the salmon, stun them, cut the gills to bleed them and load them into a cold water hold.  This hold gets sucked ashore through a huge hose into the processing plant.  All this activity is mechanised, truly industrial fish farming.

After exhausting the attractions of Klemtu I set off north and into a position to transit Meyers Narrows tomorrow.  Meyers narrows are at the bottom of Princess Royal Island and will take me out to the West Coast and away from the usual inside passage track.  The tidal information is a bit confusing for the narrows, I have two different times of slack water.

Boat Bluff Light. Photo Ray Penson
Boat Bluff Light. Photo Ray Penson

To further confuse matters the tide at my anchorage, 3 miles away, is turning 3 hours before high water.  I will just give it a go and if I have to wait for slack or more water that’s OK.  It’s quite a shallow rock and weed infested passage according to the chart, looks challenging.

My anchorage this evening is quite exposed between an island and the shore.  The bay that I had chosen to anchor in proved too deep unfortunately.  I am now perched on a rocky outcrop for the night.

Klemtu Village and Harbour. Photo Ray Penson
Klemtu Village and Harbour. Photo Ray Penson

Total voyage distance 457.1 miles.

Logged 15th May 2016

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