Yesterday I was getting fed up of headwinds and asked for a break, today we got it.  Set off early this morning to make the most of the usual calm.  We motored up Lama Channel to new Bella Bella where I put some more fuel in the boat.  We have been consuming more fuel that I had reckoned due to calms and headwinds.  There aren’t many possibilities to get fuel between here and Prince Rupert so decided to add a bit to the tanks, we should be good now.

New Bella Bella Fuel dock and Wharf Photo Ray Penson
New Bella Bella Fuel dock and Wharf. Photo Ray Penson

On departing Bella Bella we rounded Dryad Point and set off down the Seaforth Channel.  As usual the wind and sea started to increase on the nose.  As Seaforth Channel is quite wide I decided to tack up and set the jib.  I kept the main in the cover as every time I hoist the main we lose the wind; it ends up being a lot of bother for nothing.  We made good progress and after five long tacks I was able to Lay Reid Passage and sail up the passage.

Dryad Point Lighthouse North of Bella Bella. Photo Ray Penson
Dryad Point Lighthouse North of Bella Bella. Photo Ray Penson

We then crossed over to Mathieson Channel and caught the flood tide with a good wind behind us.  We romped up Mathieson Channel with 25 knot gusts from astern and pulled into Rescue Bay on Susan Island for the night.  Nice to get some wind power today.

Today I saw four other sail boats, the most in one day so far.  This is the main route going north and most are also headed for Glacier Bay.

Its Sunday tomorrow and I haven’t decided which route to take or what to do, I usually do some maintenance on Sunday but this anchorage is not conducive to hanging around.  There is a village, Klemtu, which is on the way, I may stop there tomorrow and have some R&R and then find a nice secure anchorage for some maintenance on Monday.

Total voyage distance 438.0 miles.

Logged 14th May 2016

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