I had a mosquito for company last night, a large one who proved very elusive.  To escape his periodic fly pasts and high pitched buzzing I had an early start.

It was very quiet in the morning on departure from Scottie Bay and I motored for three hours before we got a breeze for the south.  Then we were able to sail for the next Seven hours into Desolation Sound.  The day was overcast, the sun didn’t manage to get a look in.

The scenery was magnificent, snow capped mountains on either side peeking out of the low cloud.  The arrival at Desolation Sound marks a milestone in the trip, it’s the end of the Georgia Strait and the start of islands, narrow waterways, rapids and the scenic route to the Johnstone Strait.

This evening we are anchored in Squirrel Cove.  A beautiful protected natural harbour.  I can’t see any other boats from where we are anchored.  There is only one other yacht in the cove, an American boat.  It’s much different here in the summer, I hear there can be 100 boats gathered at one time.

Need to get some insect repellent and fly spray at the next provision stop.  Voyage distance 121 miles.

Logged 26th April 2016

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