Didn’t get a good sleep last night, we had gusty winds and the boat was charging about all over the place with the anchor chain and snubber making a terrible racket.  Strong wind from the NW again this morning, no point in heading into it so staying put in Scottie Bay.

Decided to clear up a few little jobs on the boat and do some cleaning.  When cleaning the bilge I noticed an unusual amount of water sloshing about.  I bailed it all out and dried up.  Then twenty minutes later there was water again, not much but it wasn’t going away.

Eventually I found the accumulator tank for the water pressure pump was leaking.  So I took half the boat apart to get to it and them opened it up.  Yuk, it was full of green slime, made me feel sick I had been drinking that stuff.

Anyway I put it all back together and found a bicycle pump on board to give it some pressure and plumbed it back in.  It’s still leaking but from a different place now.  So it’s back to square one, bilges have water in them but at least they are clean now.  I will bail them out tomorrow.

Wildlife started turning up this afternoon.  Lots of different types of ducks and birds, a seal, an otter and an eagle cruising around.  My neighbour in the schooner departed for another bay to try some more fishing.  I am here alone now.

The water here is so clear the bottom is clearly visible.  In a quiet period this evening I saw a big crab moving around.  Over went the crab pot with some bait, the crab circled the pot but didn’t seem to know how to get inside.  Eventually he gave up and moved on.  No crab protein on the menu this evening.

The outlook for tomorrow is improving with SW’ly (South Westerly) winds forecast later to push me on my way.  If we get a good push it will be Desolation sound tomorrow evening.

Logged 25th April, 2016

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