Early start to get the slack water at Yaculta Rapids. I slept in the salon last night as I didn't like the anchorage but fortunately we had a calm and clear night, the starts are spectacular.  A clear morning but bloody freezing, thermals, 4 layers and sea-boots weather.  The layers came off later and by … Continue reading RAPIDS,RAIN AND A ROCKY BOTTOM.


Didn't get a good sleep last night, we had gusty winds and the boat was charging about all over the place with the anchor chain and snubber making a terrible racket.  Strong wind from the NW again this morning, no point in heading into it so staying put in Scottie Bay. Decided to clear up … Continue reading PLUMBING DAY

Fate Or Circumstances

Many people don’t believe in fate, some consider fate an alignment of coincidences, others don’t believe in coincidences. Whatever. In 2015, a group of factors conspired to lead me towards buying what I consider to be an excellent little cruising boat. Briefly, here is how it happened. In July 2015 I was on a trip … Continue reading Fate Or Circumstances