This morning Ngozi departed Truce on her way back to New Zealand.  The Harbourmaster at Hoonah very generously gave her a lift up to the airport.  I am now alone again and have missed having company today.  And no, it’s not just to have help with the cooking and cleaning! The voyage from Canoe Cove … Continue reading HEADING SOUTH TO VICTORIA


Many times when crossing the North Pacific by ship I have looked at the chart and wondered about Chichagof Island.  In my mind the name has a mystery and provokes thoughts of early Russian explores and traders.  Well, I am here now, although I have yet to set foot on its wet soggy ground.  All … Continue reading CHICHAGOF ISLAND


The sun rose this morning to perfect calm, water like a mirror and the mountains reflecting upside down.  I had a leisurely breakfast in the cockpit in glorious warm sunshine. It was a nice easy couple of hours trip down from the anchorage to Sitka where the harbourmaster allocated me a berth for two days.  … Continue reading ARRIVAL SITKA


Today has been a long day motoring.  It’s also been a day of calculating the tides and timing the passage down towards Sitka.  This morning we caught the tide down Hoonah Sound then Peril Strait, Sergius Channel, Kukul Narrows, Salisbury Sound, Neva Strait and finally Olga Strait. The engine was running for nine hours and … Continue reading SOUNDS, STRAITS, CHANNELS AND NARROWS


I had a mosquito for company last night, a large one who proved very elusive.  To escape his periodic fly pasts and high pitched buzzing I had an early start. It was very quiet in the morning on departure from Scottie Bay and I motored for three hours before we got a breeze for the … Continue reading DESOLATION SOUND ARRIVAL