“Truce lying to a mooring at Canoe Cove’ Photo Ray Penson
“Truce lying to a mooring at Canoe Cove’ Photo Ray Penson

All very peaceful today at the mooring in Canoe Cove, this morning.

I jumped on a bus to Victoria and then to Sidney to do some grocery shopping, thought it was time I had some fresh veg and fruit.

This afternoon spent doing small jobs around the boat.

I the past few days I have had a lot of things going wrong, fuses burning, lights going out and of course the engine stopping.

Its just frustrating to keep having to react to things going wrong.

Hopefully I can get a mechanic to look at the engine tomorrow, they are of course very busy this time of year and don’t really want to be bothered by small jobs.

I suspect it’s the fuel pump that has thrown the towel in. Monday tomorrow and I remember exactly one week ago I thought we would be sailing on Wednesday.

Lets hope we will sail before this coming Wednesday.

Logged 17th April 2016

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