Truce on a swing Mooring at Canoe Cove’ Photo Ray penson
Truce on a swing Mooring at Canoe Cove’ Photo Ray Penson

I departed the marina berth this morning and went to a mooring.  I am so relieved to get away from the marina and into some quiet space.  I am still waiting for courier packages so can’t completely get away from Canoe Cove just yet.

Also I now have an engine problem.  When I started the engine this morning it was reluctant, but eventually started to a great cloud of smoke, then a couple of minutes later it stopped.  Most unusual.

After many tries the engine started again and after running for a while I left the dock and went to a mooring.  This afternoon I decided to run the engine again (still not confident) and to also give the batteries a charge.

The engine was hard to start again but eventually ran but after 10 minutes shut down again. Seems like a fuel problem so checked the filters and all OK.  But now can’t prime the system, maybe the fuel pump is knackered.

Oh well, not much to do about it on a Friday night so will consult the rum bottle for inspiration.

On a positive note its been a nice day, the dinghy is in the water, the diesel cabin heater is working a treat.  Who knows the courier may arrive tomorrow, its only 10 days since it left New Zealand.

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