Thank you Warm Springs Bay, I had a most enjoyable stay and the weather has been fabulous.  But after three nights alongside the dock it’s time to move on.  My friends, Steve, Bob and Noel have departed north and south and I was in the company of fishing boats and their crews last night. We... Continue Reading →


Wonderful, it stopped raining – just a light drizzle now and again.  Slowly the damp from the last few days is drying up. John, Jennifer and Hillary came over this morning with some fresh date and walnut muffins which we had with tea and coffee – very nice.  Whilst I had extra hands around I... Continue Reading →

Early start to get the slack water at Yaculta Rapids. I slept in the salon last night as I didn't like the anchorage but fortunately we had a calm and clear night, the stars are spectacular.  A clear morning but bloody freezing, thermals, 4 layers and sea-boots weather.  The layers came off later and by... Continue Reading →


Wonderful weather today, sunshine and sparkling scenery.  Had a leisurely departure from Squirrel Cove, what a great place to stop over.  Then motored up to Teakerne Arm Marine park. There is a spectacular waterfall and close by a small float, just big enough to take a couple of small boats.  There are not many other... Continue Reading →


Wonderful day, bright sun and no wind.  Broke the shorts out today.  Another day rummaging around the boat.  I have now found everything and been in every space possible.  Also set up and tested the autopilot ran OK after I cleaned the contacts.   I topped up the fresh water today and found where the overflow... Continue Reading →

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