Wonderful weather today, sunshine and sparkling scenery.  Had a leisurely departure from Squirrel Cove, what a great place to stop over.  Then motored up to Teakerne Arm Marine park.

There is a spectacular waterfall and close by a small float, just big enough to take a couple of small boats.  There are not many other boats around so was able tie up and go for a trek to the top of the falls.

The destination tonight is Francis Bay which is seven miles from the Yuculta Rapids.  We need to arrive at the rapids just before slack water at about eight tomorrow morning.  On the way from Teakerne Arm I sailed for a couple of hours in the lightest of breeze.  We didn’t make much distance but it was nice and peaceful with the engine off and great to watch new snow topped mountains appear around every turn.

I also tried my hand at fishing but obviously don’t have a clue about it.  Just as I was packing my rod a seal popped up next to the boat with a fish in his mouth, as if to say “is this what you are looking for”

Hoping for a calm night tonight as the anchorage is not too good.

Voyage distance 146.5 miles

Logged 27th April 2016

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