This morning I checked again at the marine office for my packages from NZ.  NOTHING! Fourteen days since they left New Zealand, that’s snail mail. That’s it!  I can wait no more.  I am moving out, I feel trapped at Canoe Cove.

I will check back from time to time by phone and maybe get the packages forwarded if they ever turn up. I slipped the mooring at Canoe Cove at mid day and headed out in a northerly direction.  Just a light breeze on the nose but I decided to get some sail on and have a play.

‘Anchorage at the end of Glenthorne Passage’ Photo Ray Penson
‘Anchorage at the end of Glenthorne Passage’ Photo Ray Penson

The boat sails beautifully in a light breeze, I just had the jib and staysail up and was playing around with the trim and balance.  Even better the wind vane self steering kept her on rails without any effort.  I was concerned that the self steering would need some decent wind to work but certainly in calm conditions and light wind she worked beautifully and is easy to trim.  The boat seems well balanced and that helps a lot.

I am a happy chappie this evening.

This evening I have anchored at the east end of Glenthorne Passage on Prevost island.   Sheltered little pool at the end of the passage and sheltered from the forecast SE wind this evening I hope.

Logged 20th April 2016

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