This morning I took a mammoth walk to the chandlers to pick up a harness, only to find the one he had was for a person less than 50 Kg.  Oh well it was good exercise.  Came back to the Nanaimo Yacht Club and did my laundry and let go from the dock just after mid day.  There was no point sailing earlier as I wanted to ride the tide across the Strait of Georgia.  A strong wind warning is in force but fortunately it’s from the right direction for us.

It took a while to motor out of the harbour into a stiff headwind but once we were clear I set both the jib and staysail and off we went at just over 6 knots.  It was too windy for a full main and I didn’t fancy messing around reefing so left the main in its cover.  We made good time across and anchored at 18:00 in Scottie Bay at the north end of Lasqueti Island.  Its raining steadily and the wind is expected to blow from the NW starting at midnight.

There is a strong wind warning for tomorrow, from the North West and right on the nose.  Looks like progress could be slow. The solar controller I installed isn’t working.  Cant figure out why as I stuffed the wires into the correct holes.  I will have a play around tomorrow and see if I can get some juice flowing.  Total distance 71 miles.

Logged 23 April 2016


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