This morning I awoke feeling fresh and well rested after the travails of the previous 24 hours.  Shelter Cove provided a good resting stop for the night.  A bit of swell came into the anchorage and we rolled all night, nothing uncomfortable.  I headed out at first light, the day turned out sunny and warm, … Continue reading CALIFONIAN COASTING


Has a bit of a blow last night and the anchor chain was rumbling around over my head as I am sleeping in the forward cabin.  I had a look around at 2 in the morning and made a cup of tea, it wasn’t much wind, just some gusts and rain.  This morning I decided … Continue reading MOVING ON NORTH


This morning I took a mammoth walk to the chandlers to pick up a harness, only to find the one he had was for a person less than 50 Kg.  Oh well it was good exercise.  Came back to the Nanaimo Yacht Club and did my laundry and let go from the dock just after … Continue reading BOISTEROUS SAILING TODAY