This morning I awoke feeling fresh and well rested after the travails of the previous 24 hours.  Shelter Cove provided a good resting stop for the night.  A bit of swell came into the anchorage and we rolled all night, nothing uncomfortable.  I headed out at first light, the day turned out sunny and warm, a real pleasure coasting down the shoreline admiring the scenery.  I took breakfast on the foredeck, away from the engine noise – very nice.

Since rounding Cape Mendocino it’s like the heating has been turned on.  I don’t feel constantly cold anymore.  My thermals are in the laundry bag – to be washed and put away for a long time I hope.

The afternoon brought fog banks and overcast skies. The coast has disappeared behind a wall of grey.  The wind is the missing ingredient, it’s been light all day, the sails have been up and down three or four times with Mr. Yanmar doing most of the work.

A few mammals around today.  A large pod of whales came by, cruising northward.  A pod of Orcas came to visit briefly and a solitary, heavily barnacled, whale surfaced about fifty meters off.  I always like seeing Orcas, they are sleek, graceful, powerful and smart – top predators.

A large motor yacht passed, sailing North and a fishing boat were the only boats seen today.  Yesterday I didn’t see any other boats.  There is not much moving up and down this coastline.

My minor delight of the day – finding a Twix bar in the corner of a locker.  It may have been vintage but tasted excellent.  Voyage distance 818.8 miles.

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