This morning I awoke feeling fresh and well rested after the travails of the previous 24 hours.  Shelter Cove provided a good resting stop for the night.  A bit of swell came into the anchorage and we rolled all night, nothing uncomfortable.  I headed out at first light, the day turned out sunny and warm, … Continue reading CALIFONIAN COASTING


The same old story, two steps forward – one back.  Last night the wind came on very strong.  As we approached Cape Mendocino all hell let lose.  The wind was howling – no shrieking from the North with great gusts thrown in.  It felt stronger than the forty knots predicted.  I was unable to carry … Continue reading BARE POLES AROUND CAPE MENDOCINO


I finished writing and sending off last nights’ log, then settled in the cockpit with a beer and some music.  All was well with my world and we were sailing along at five plus knots.  Then, in the space of thirty minutes the wind died and we were left struggling along with just the Jib.  … Continue reading ANOTHER FRUSTRATING NIGHT


Last night was a shocker.  Not quite sufficient wind to keep the sail from collapsing in the seaway.  A little more wind or a bit less sea and everything would have been fine.  All night spent crashing and banging, rocking and rolling – all to keep moving at between two and three knots. Our distance … Continue reading HORRID NIGHT, BEAUTIFUL DAY