I finished writing and sending off last nights’ log, then settled in the cockpit with a beer and some music.  All was well with my world and we were sailing along at five plus knots.  Then, in the space of thirty minutes the wind died and we were left struggling along with just the Jib.  It turned into the same as the previous night, fiddling to get two or three knots boat speed.

Around four in the morning a northerly breeze came in and has been freshening all day.  It’s now a solid twenty-five knots and the seas are starting to build as well.  Basically, a horrid overcast, windy, wet rough day so far.

This morning, as I was making breakfast, we got hit by a squall.  The boat rounded up and Micky (wind vane) tried to counter.  Unfortunately, he came off second best and bust himself up.  I hove to for an hour and patched him up, it’s only a temporary fix.  I only have a quarter jib out to reduce boat speed to less than six knots.  I hope Micky can survive the next forty-eight hours – I need him.

We passed Crescent City after lunch and are now in Californian waters, but no warmth or sunshine yet.  We should be rounding Cape Mendocino in the morning at three.  My Grib download shows thirty knot winds south of Mendocino.  However, the latest update from NOAA is gale warning and predicts forty knots!  For once I really hope NOOA are wrong, I don’t want forty knots.

Everything is lashed and battened down, it’s going to be bumpy for the next day I think.  I am dreaming of a cold beer in Warm San Francisco.  Voyage distance 660.9 miles.

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