Steven and I had a leisurely breakfast this morning, heaps of toast with home-made grapefruit marmalade and fresh coffee.  At 09:00 we started the engine and picked up the anchor, departing Oyster Bay.  There was no wind so we motored out of Port Underwood and up along the coast towards Tory Channel.  It was a beautiful sparkling sunny morning.  We tried fishing with a lure but only succeeded in catching a large lump of seaweed.

The passage through Tory Channel was expected to be difficult as the tide was coming out at around six knots.  My plan was to try and sneak up the south side of the channel close to the rocks in what may be a slacker current.  The plan went well until we tried to turn the corner, a large rock with very swift current over it blocked our progress.  With engine on full revs we were only holding our ground and not making any forward progress.  Then a breeze sprang up and we set sail, our speed shot up with the wind assistance and we slowly clawed our way into Tory Channel and out of the worst of the outgoing flow.

Halfway down the channel the wind went light we motored into Queen Charlotte Sound.  Once in Queen Charlotte Sound a N’ly breeze took us down to Waikawa where I have secured a mooring for four nights. Once safely on the mooring it was ashore again for Diner with Richard and Doris at their rented apartment.  A lovely diner with good company, much nicer than a restaurant meal.

Steven and I returned to Truce with full tummies for a good rest. I am happy that we had no problems with the engine or fuel system.  The FRAM filter is working well and hopefully we shall never talk of this subject again.

Steven working hard sailing, Micky (wind vane) is steering Photo Ray Penson
Steven working hard sailing, Micky (wind vane) is steering Photo Ray Penson

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