Another beautiful morning in Oyster Bay.  Everybody slept well last night, maybe the drinks at the Irish pub helped.  Richard, Doris and I had breakfast on board and planned the day ahead.  Its Monday morning and a google search, a couple of phone calls, revealed a compatible FRAM filter cartridge available in Blenheim.

So off we set again to Blenheim to pick up the filter.  With filter in hand Richard and I returned to Truce and fitted it then tested the engine.  All seems to be running well now and I am happy that I can see the fuel moving through the filter bowl.  The real test will be on a long engine run but I am confident we have fixed the problem.

This evening my Son, Steven arrived on the Interisland ferry from Wellington.  He has come over from Melbourne for a holiday and will join me on Truce for a few days.

Steven and I arrived back on Truce early evening.  Richard and Doris are staying in Picton for a few days.

Tomorrow Steven and I are going to sail Truce around from Port Underwood to Picton or Waikawa.

Truce at Anchor in Oyster Bay Photo Ray Penson
Truce at Anchor in Oyster Bay Photo Ray Penson

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