Groundhog Day! Every day I awake to the same scenery and same radio program.  We are now into week five of the Covid lockdown, it’s really starting to become boring.  Beam me up Scottie! Our wonderful government is promising we can go from level 4 to level 3 lockdown next week.  Level 3 means that... Continue Reading →


This evening, at midnight, New Zealand goes to Alert level 4 and into a four-week lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.  The instructions are ‘where you sleep tonight you should stay’.  That leaves me locked down on Truce for the next month. The guy I met ashore yesterday, his name is Graham, offered to... Continue Reading →


Yesterday Ngozi, Steven and I returned to Truce at the mooring in Waikawa Bay.  We had planned to go ashore to the Jolly Roger pub in the evening but didn’t make it.  Nobody was really motivated to jump in the dinghy and paddle ashore.  It was good to be together again on the boat, so... Continue Reading →


Well, the holiday and nice weather continues, a beautiful morning after a peaceful night spent secure on the mooring.  After breakfast Steven and I took Truce around to Picton to pick up Richard and Doris.  Once onboard we headed up Queen Charlotte Sound to find a suitable stopping off spot for lunch. After a few... Continue Reading →


Another beautiful morning in Oyster Bay.  Everybody slept well last night, maybe the drinks at the Irish pub helped.  Richard, Doris and I had breakfast on board and planned the day ahead.  Its Monday morning and a google search, a couple of phone calls, revealed a compatible FRAM filter cartridge available in Blenheim. So off... Continue Reading →


I had a wonderful sleep last night and had a late start and leisurely breakfast.  The day is sunny and warm and all’s well in my little world.  Well, almost, as I have an engine that needs some maintenance.  Truce has come through our battering yesterday without any damage apart from a few sail slugs... Continue Reading →

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