Well, the holiday and nice weather continues, a beautiful morning after a peaceful night spent secure on the mooring.  After breakfast Steven and I took Truce around to Picton to pick up Richard and Doris.  Once onboard we headed up Queen Charlotte Sound to find a suitable stopping off spot for lunch.

After a few miles we turned into Ruakaka Bay and found a lunchtime anchorage off a beach at Ratimera Bay.  Ashore there were picnic tables, campsite and toilets – this place is so well organised.

Steven was brave enough to have a swim and went ashore.  The water was too cold for the rest of us.  The water has to be almost tepid before I will venture in.

Doris had made up some delicious lunch for us.  Delightful, sitting in the cockpit in lovely weather, sipping wine, eating lunch with a beautiful scenic backdrop.  After lunch we just lazed about, chatted and drank more wine.

Lunch at Ratimera bay Photo Ray Penson
Lunch at Ratimera bay Photo Ray Penson

Too soon it was time to get going.  I didn’t want to be late getting back to Picton as Ngozi was arriving on the Interisland Ferry in the early evening.  On the way back to Picton we even managed a little sail with the yankee, it only lasted a few minutes.

Once Richard and Doris were dropped off in Picton Steven and I returned to the mooring in Waikawa.  Richard arrived a short time later with the car to take us back to their apartment in Picton.

All in good time, Steven and I walked down to the ferry terminal to meet Ngozi.  In the evening we dined in Richards apartment and stayed the night.  Different being in a fluffy soft double bed with no rocking and rolling, anchor rumbling or the myriad boat sounds.

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