I had a wonderful sleep last night and had a late start and leisurely breakfast.  The day is sunny and warm and all’s well in my little world.  Well, almost, as I have an engine that needs some maintenance.  Truce has come through our battering yesterday without any damage apart from a few sail slugs ripped off.

My friend Richard who is on vacation in the South Island came over this morning and we used his car to drive into Blenheim to source a replacement filter cartridge.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one in stock so have ordered one from Supercheap Auto.

In Waikawa we found exact Bainbridge replacement sail slugs from Oddies Chandlers.  A stroke of good luck as Burnsco didn’t have any.  I will get busy with the palm and needle when I have a quiet day.

The afternoon we spent in Picton having a few drinks followed by dinner.  Afterwards we somehow ended up in the Irish bar.  We all arrived back at the boat after dark and Richard and Doris stayed on board for the night.  Nice to have company on board again.

Trusty Volvo with Truce in the background at Oyster Bay Photo Ray Penson.
Trusty Volvo with Truce in the background at Oyster Bay Photo Ray Penson.

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