Gentle rain, dark, calm and cold when I stuck my head outside the hatch this morning.  I quickly ducked back inside to put the kettle on and listened to the morning weather forecast.  The S’ly storm was coming, now was the perfect time to head around, through Tory Channel and into the inner sounds. At... Continue Reading →


Early morning the wind started to blow and the anchor snubber began to grumble.  I turned out of bed in the cold and dark to hear the early morning forecast.  As expected, the N’ly gale had started.  Its forecast to go from twenty-five knots to gusting forty knots in the afternoon.  Although its only fifteen... Continue Reading →


This evening, at midnight, New Zealand goes to Alert level 4 and into a four-week lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus.  The instructions are ‘where you sleep tonight you should stay’.  That leaves me locked down on Truce for the next month. The guy I met ashore yesterday, his name is Graham, offered to... Continue Reading →

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