Hartley Bay is an interesting place, I went for an explore last night.  it’s a small Indian community with access by boat, helicopter or seaplane.  There is no road access and in fact no roads.  The village is connected by raised wooden boardwalks upon which ATV’s, quads and Polaris whiz around.  The ground is quite wet so buildings are elevated off the earth and connected by bridges to the boardwalks.

Hartley Bay, Image Google map
Hartley Bay, Image Google map

This morning we caught the tide up Grenville Channel, first we sailed, tacking up the channel against the wind.  We covered quite a distance from side to side but didn’t make much actual progress up the channel so Mr Yanmar was called into action, his mighty 24 horsepower soon has us scooting along, helped by the current.

Grenville Channel British Columbia
Grenville Channel British Columbia

I have been up and down Grenville Channel in the past on big ships, navigating between Prince Rupert and Vancouver.  I must say, after a few transits on a big ship the channel is quite boring, just water and trees on hills.  The perspective from a small boat is quite different, I am now happy that the weather forced this route on me.

This evening we are anchored at Lowe Inlet which is the first anchorage northbound on the channel.  Only one other yacht, the American boat from Harvey Bay, came up the channel today.

A number of local fishing boats have popped into the inlet for the night as well.  Tomorrow will be a late start to get the lift of the ebb towards Klewnugget Inlet where there is supposed to be the ‘most beautiful’ anchorage.  We will probably have to motor again as the wind will be blowing down the channel towards us.  Total Voyage distance 582.2 miles.

Logged 23rd May 2016

Image: bcmarina (Grenville Channel British Columbia)



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