Baranof hot Springs, stayed another day it’s so good.  Beautiful walks around the lake, scrumping fruit off the bushes and hot pools.  Needless to say the weather has been fine and sunny all day. The time has flow past today.  Just been doing stuff out and about and a few odd jobs on the boat. ... Continue Reading →


Curlew Bay proved to be a nice quiet anchorage and I had a good sleep.  A bit of a late start today, we are heading up to the village of Hartley Bay and it’s not far so no hurry.  The wind was very light from the south and we sailed under the jib slowly up... Continue Reading →


Hartley Bay is an interesting place, I went for an explore last night.  it’s a small Indian community with access by boat, helicopter or seaplane.  There is no road access and in fact no roads.  The village is connected by raised wooden boardwalks upon which ATV’s, quads and Polaris whiz around.  The ground is quite... Continue Reading →

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