This morning started with a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and flat calm weather.  The anchorage at Takush Harbour was very peaceful and I had a great nights sleep.

Takush Harbour at Six Thirty in the morning. Photo Ray Penson
Takush Harbour at Six Thirty in the morning. Photo Ray Penson

It starts getting light at five in the morning now so no excuse for lying around in bed so had an early start. I made some scroggin last night, this is a kind of super size energy packed muesli bar.

Scroggin Loaf. Super food. Photo N Penson
Scroggin Loaf. Super food. Photo Ray penson

Its made with all the dried fruits you have, crystallised ginger, oats, peanut butter, honey, oil, butter, brown sugar and a couple of eggs.  No measures necessary just mix it up until its sticky but not wet.

Then it gets pressed into a tin and baked for 40 minutes at about 190 degrees C.

I gave this one a dose of rum essence and nutmeg on top.  When I took it out the oven I realised that I forgot to line the baking tin with tin foil.  The scroggin had welded itself to the side of the tin like toffee to a blanket.  It took some serious energy to get the tin clean again.  Anyway, it tastes excellent and is the kind of food that Shackleton and Scott would of approved of I am sure.

Today we headed towards Green Island up the Fitz Hugh Sound.  No wind early so motored until 10:45 when a bit of westerly breeze sprang up.  Sailed under Jib and main for a couple of hours but it was slow going until the wind died away completely.  The sun has been out all day and it’s the warmest day of the voyage.  What a contrast, yesterday I was cold all day and had my heavy jacket on, today was spent in shorts and nothing else.

This evening we are anchored in Green Island, its just about the perfect anchorage and very pretty.  The pig is back in the water and hopefully will stay there for a while as we are in fairly protected waters.  There is a seal in the anchorage, he seems quite inquisitive.  I went for a row and explore in the pig and the seal kept popping up following me.  Maybe he just wants me off his patch.

There are three Bald Eagles flying high overhead, very gracefully circling around.  There are also seagulls sitting in pine trees – most strange.  The gulls are landing and sitting on the tops of the trees where they droop over at the top.  It’s not easy for them to land and some take three attempts before they manage it.  I don’t know why they are doing it, maybe just showing off.

I put the crab pot down but don’t hold out much hope as the seal has been checking it out.  Total voyage distance 358.3 miles.

Logged 12th May 2016

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