It was an early start this morning as I was fairly determined to get around cape Caution today and the weather forecast was for strong N Wly winds again.  Bloody headwinds, so Mr Yanmar was put to work again.  Finally at 09:00 after some serious pitching and rolling we rounded Cape Caution and started out track northwards.

Cape Caution Map. image courtesy coastandkayakdotcom
Cape Caution Map. image courtesy coastandkayakdotcom

Cape Caution is one of two major passages on this trip and is only really significant for low powered or sailing vessels as the prevailing winds are not favourable when going north.  Sailing boats are not really suited to this coast and its easy to see why the heavy displacement motor cruisers seen around here are so popular.

Our total time spent sailing this month so far is less than 3 hours, all due to either lack of wind or headwinds.  We are just dragging all this cloth, string and rigging around for decoration at the moment.  We have motored for 15 hours in the past two days and its time for using some wind power.

The second major passage this trip is Dixon Entrance, this is an open water passage and marks the departure from Canada and the entry to USA waters.  Dixon Entrance is crossed after prince Rupert, I have fond memories of Rupert from many years ago, it will be interesting to return.

Lunch today was a Marmite and Branston pickle sandwich, these were the first two jars to tumble out the locker and we were bouncing around so horribly I couldn’t we bothered to look for anything else.  I have had worse combinations.  Not to worry, I will make some culinary delight for dinner tonight.  My favourite food at the moment is Stagg Dynamite Hot Chilli beans from the USA.

Reminds me of the film Blazing saddles.

This evening we are anchored in Takush Harbour, not as sheltered as last night but from where we are anchored there is a spectacular view inland cross the harbour of the forested hills with snow-capped mountains beyond.  Total voyage distance 328.6 miles

Logged 11th May 2016

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