Hectic Times

Its been a hectic few days and I have run the full gamut of emotions.

Inspecting Yacht Truce Rig. Photo Ray Penson
Inspecting Yacht Truce Rig. Photo Ray Penson

I left home in Auckland on the 26th March, one day before my official retirement time and flew into Vancouver on the same day thanks to the date line.  Then over to Vancouver Island where the prospective purchase was to be surveyed at Canoe Cove marina.  Canoe Cove is a great spot, just next to the BC Ferry Terminal from Vancouver, its very sheltered and has a wide range of practical types available to fix, repair and build boat things.

The boat was scheduled to be lifted out of the water on the 30th for underwater hull inspection and a surveyor was arranged to start on the 29th to carry out in water inspection.  The survey went well on the 29th with nothing serious found.

I also organised for a rigger to climb the mast and do complete rig inspection.  All went well and no major problems were identified, the rigger was most impressed with the quality of the wooden mast.  There is a touch of rot on the outboard end of the port spreader that will need attention at some stage, I climbed the mast later to check it out and its only superficial but I may fit a new spreader this year just to be 100% certain all is well.

Yacht Truce Lift off
Ready for lift out, backing into the travel lift – Photo Ray Penson

On the morning of the 30th the engineer turned up to check the engine and mechanicals.  He spent some time working around the cold engine before starting up for the hot check.  With the boat tied up securely to the dock he tested the engine on load at high RPM and ran up to working temperature.

I am sure the engine hasn’t been worked that hard in its life but it held up for 10 minutes before being pulled back to a more moderate power.

Yacht Truce Underwater profile – Photo Ray Penson
Underwater profile – Photo Ray Penson

On the engine side we found some corrosion on the exhaust mixing pipe and a hose that needs replacing due to chafe – otherwise all is sound.  I will replace the hose and exhaust mixing section before heading north.

I will also get a set of spare belts and another spare water impeller.  These spares are easy to get elsewhere but will be more expensive further north.

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