This year I completed the New Zealand cruise that was interrupted last year by covid and a long period of lockdown in the Marlborough sounds area.  So, a year later I finally completed my adventure, sailing around New Zealand and visiting many places that are only easily accessible by boat. Last year I tried not … Continue reading REFLECTIONS ON NEW ZEALAND CRUISE 2021


For many months I have been painting, maintaining and refurbishing Truce.  Now, we are both ready to venture out again, this time for a New Zealand cruise.  After so many months of stationary activity it’s wonderful to be moving again.  This cruise will be different as I have no set timetable or itinerary planned.  I … Continue reading 2020 NEW ZEALAND CRUISE


 21st June and the shortest day of the year.  Its wet and cold in Auckland and work on Truce has declined to a snail’s pace.  My casual job at Burnsco, travel for Marine Consultancy work and the short daylight hours all conspire to keep me off the boat for days at a time. From now on … Continue reading WINTER SOLSTICE NEW ZEALAND


My arrival back in Auckland was a quiet affair, the wind disappeared and I motored into the harbour in sunny calm conditions.  Truce is now berthed in Bayswater Marina where she will spend a couple of months until I find a more permanent berth in the New Year. It was good to settle back into … Continue reading CHRISTMAS DELIVERY


After a couple of peaceful days in Whangarei whilst the wind blew outside I sailed this morning, passing under the lifting bridge at eight forty-five - the first opening after the rush hour.  I rode the ebb tide down the river, past Marsden Point and out the shipping channel, passing the fairway buoy three hours … Continue reading ANCHORED AT MANSION HOUSE BAY


 I have been back in New Zealand since the end of January.  Living the good life, eating, drinking and enjoying the warm summer weather.  Generally getting fat, contented and too comfortable.  Apart from a couple of mammoth record breaking rain events the weather has been beautiful, real Kiwi summer.  Ngozi and I had a few … Continue reading FAT AND CONTENTED IN NZ


For the first time I can remember I am without car.  As a family we are now down to a single car.  This is a voluntary situation brought about by my desire to be free of objects and encumbrances that don’t add to my quality of life.  In reality my car has only been used … Continue reading CARLESS

Hectic Times

Its been a hectic few days and I have run the full gamut of emotions. I left home in Auckland on the 26th March, one day before my official retirement time and flew into Vancouver on the same day thanks to the date line.  Then over to Vancouver Island where the prospective purchase was to … Continue reading Hectic Times