Truce has a new owner – and its me. The surveyors report came through without any major concerns, a final price was agreed and the sale agreement signed. I was a bit concerned about signing on the first of April, Aprils fools day – I am happy.

Now there is a bit of work to do before starting the planned cruise. Buying a boat such a long way from home is a challenge. The trip home is an ocean crossing, not something to undertake single handed on a boat just purchased without a good shakedown cruise.

For this reason I decided to take the opportunity to cruise up to Alaska in the summer and see where I get to. This will allow me plenty of time to get accustomed with the boat and iron out any issues that may arise on the way. Also, who knows when I will have the opportunity to visit Alaska in the future.

One of the beauties of travelling to Alaska from British Columbia is that most of the voyage can be undertaken in sheltered inshore waters without venturing onto the rugged exposed outer west coast.

I have travelled the inside passage from Prince Rupert to Vancouver a few times on commercial vessels, a spectacular and scenic trip under pilotage. For the proposed trip ahead I will be my own pilot, for that matter I will also be the deckhand, mechanic and cook.

Before I head off northward there is a long ‘to do list’ that needs checking off. Time to get to work.


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