Another sparkling day at Canoe Cove, still and cold in the morning and warming up nicely as the sun gets some altitude.

This morning I ordered an Iridium GO satellite communication package from Predict Wind.  The Iridium GO will make communication much easier, no need to come ashore and hunt out WiFi hotspots.  The package should also allow me to upload photos, and embed a tracking page to the website.  The Predict Wind package will be helpful for weather forecasting and routing.  Also, with the Iridium Go I will be able to send SMS and email, even make phone calls if needed.  I have used Iridium before, it’s a handy piece of kit.

In the afternoon I went shopping for more provisions.  I returned to the boat and when stowing the goods away realised some provisions were missing.  I checked the receipt and found all the last items have gone astray.  I must have left a bag behind at the checkout.  I am annoyed but can’t do much about it now.  I will go back and check tomorrow but don’t expect it will have been kept overnight.

On the bright side I am just about stocked up now, just need a few more items and we will be ready to sail.  I will wait until the last minute for fresh meat and veg.

This evening is cool again.  I have lit the two oil lamps in the cabin, they give out a wonderful soft light and an additional benefit is they give off heat and the cabin is getting quite cosy. Tomorrow is Sunday and an easy day, I need a rest day.  I may go down to Victoria for a look around after I have checked for my missing provisions.  In the meantime, it’s time to relax with a low flyer (Famous Grouse Whisky) and watch a bit of Fools and Horses comedy video.

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