Today was my first day on the boat alone.  I kept busy stowing all my gear and finding all sorts of new discoveries in every nook and cranny.  At first the contents of my three large bags appeared to voluminous to fit the available space.  However, everything go stowed neatly away with space to spare.  This boat was built for cruising and there is ample space for all manner of things.

Life at sea, Calm and Tranquil
Life at sea, Calm and Tranquil

In the afternoon I took the bus from Swartz Bay into Victoria and purchased some more provisions and emergency flares, the old ones being out of date.  I also had a look at a small Dickinson Sea Barbeque, this is a local brand and although not flash looks functional and well built.  Truce is fitted with a Dickinson diesel cabin heater which I look forward to firing up soon.

But first I have to move the dinghy that is on the foredeck as it is covering the chimney.  Another nice sunny day and calm cold night.  It’s the weekend tomorrow and l will be running the engine, anchor winch and exploring the boat further.

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