Woke up to a clear, cold overcast day, but it soon turned to sunshine again.  I wonder when we will pay for all this beautiful weather?  I didn’t get down to Victoria today but had a walk around Sidney by the sea instead, not quite the same as Victoria but an interesting place anyway.

The New Zealand Radio callsign and MMSI number came through today.  What a great service from the guys at Callsigns NZ, thank you.  Truce currently has Canadian registry and this need to be deregistered before I can start the process for New Zealand registry on the small ship register. Monday tomorrow and a start to the working week.  I hope to get some more bits n bobs sorted out tomorrow.

The provisioning is all but finished, just some fresh fruit and veg to load before I depart.  The only critical item missing is long life milk, I can’t seem to find it locally.   I find this unbelievable as there is a bewildering display of milk types on display at the supermarket.  The nearest to normal milk I have found is called Homo Milk – which I find a little queer.  I will keep asking around but so far

I get only blank looks from the shop assistants.

Logged 3rd April 2016

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